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Information on Koh Lanta Island:
Coral Reef Preservation

Koh Lanta is evolving as a  main destination for tourists traveling to Southeast Asia. The newly emerged volume of tourist arrivals together with the presence of an international airport only 50 Km North of Koh Lanta are going to have an effect on the natural environment.

With a long coastline and a tropical climate, Koh Lanta is blessed with coral reefs that serve as habitat and breeding grounds for an immense variety of sea life. From the air, the reefs appear around the islands in the form of beautiful, turquoise rings fading into the deep sea azure sea.

These rings, the coral reefs, provide ideal sites for scuba diving and snorkeling, not only within Koh Lanta itself, but also in the surrounding regions from the border areas of Burma down to Malaysia. Within this area there are many famous dive spots and destinations for day-trips and liveaboards.

Many of these reefs remain in good condition and continue to display a great variety of marine life. With the growing influence of the tourist industry and increasing numbers of visitors however, many of these reefs are at risk for degradation.

Scuba diving and snorkeling by an increasing number of participants have brought about a growing awareness of the importance on conserving our coastal resources. Divers both foreign and Thai, keen to preserve the beauty of the underwater world, are working to increase this awareness in the hope that this unique and beautiful environment can be kept in its current pristine shape. 

If you are going on a dive trip with a dive operator, ask them about their policy regarding nature conservation in the waters around Koh Lanta - and if you pay attention to the normal rules of behavior for diving in a reef environment (see everything, touch nothing), you can return home with a clear conscience after having visited the natural treasures of the Andaman Sea.

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