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Activities on Koh Lanta Island:
Paintball Shooting

Lanta X Paintball has an indoor shooting range with 42 computer controlled targets. The balls used are the same size as paintballs but are made of a tough plastic.

Outdoor paintball offers the following equipment and facilities: paintball market, top quality imported paint, full face and head protection mask, high quality clean camo gear, head scarf and gloves, face paint (if wanted). There is a club house with bar for corporate groups, flood lights for evening games. There is entertainment and training by our staff available and we have 3 viewing galleries.

A free group photo for your photo board is made and sent free to your e-mail address. And at the end of your game large fans and a cool, wet towel awaits you with our compliments. We offer outdoor paintball and indoor target shooting with the best equipment and a high degree of safety.

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