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Activities on Koh Lanta Island:
Sea Canoeing and Kayaking remote Islands

Koh Lanta Canoeing offers daily paddle trips by canoe through the exciting world of the mangrove forest and caves. This unusual biosphere is limited to the tropics and exists as a nursery or permanent living area for numerous animals and therefore is of important ecological significance.

Learn more about this fragile ecosystem and the animals and trees living there by joining for a trip.

In the past few years, the area around Phang Nga Bay and the Krabi Province has become world renowned for its spectacular scenery.  Sheer limestone cliffs covered in rich jungle folige rise vertically out of rice paddies and aquamarine seas alike.

White sandy beaches, clear blue aquamarine waters, mangrove ecosystems all come together in this magical area that has to be seen.

The whole of this area was declared a National Park and wildlife sanctuary in 1982 and lies directly west of the Krabi province.

In the shallow, sheltered bay there are 130 islands reaching up to 300 meters in height in an amazing variety of weird and beautiful shapes.

The region was created by the erosion of the mainly limestone formations which are festooned with tropical vegetation. The outskirts of the bay are inhabited by muslim fisherman, more of Malay extract than Thai yet fully integrated into Thai society. Their villages dot the many  estuarine mangrove swamps that are found in the north of the province.

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