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Activities on Koh Lanta Island:
Visit the Butterfly Farm

Lanta Butterfly Farmj is located in the mountains above Lanta Long Beach opposite Elephant Trekking on Koh Lanta Island in Krabi Province.

Do not miss to see the beautiful flying gems at Lanta Butterfly Farm. Visit us to see some colourful species of this second largest order of insects criss-crossing a lush tropical garden.

Learn about their complicated life cycle from the egg to the imago, and see some of the bizarre caterpillars eating the leaves of the different hostplants.

While it takes several weeks until the adult butterfly slips from the pupa and unfolds its wings, its life as a butterfly lasts only 2 weeks. Come and see them sucking the nectar from the colourful flowers during their short lifespan at Lanta Butterfly Farm.

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